Umrah & Hajj – An Obligation of Every Muslim

The rights to perform hajj and umrah had been claimed by Muslims throughout Muhammad’s era. It is established by Muslims that Holy Quran has described the significance of these pilgrimages. However, the meaning of two type of pilgrimages has been taken in different sense because one, the hajj is considered supreme and its importance is more for the followers of Muslim religion. Muslims don’t believe in worshipping of idols unlike Hindus but they faced trouble when Mecca was once allegedly captured by Arab Pagans and performed idol worshipping there. That phase was long back but Mecca is the holy place for every Muslim today.

Significance of hajj in past and present

There is no exact date about origin of umrah in Mecca but Muslim tradition claims that it was an order from Muhammad in 629 AD during Conquest of Mecca in December 629 when agreement was made upon terms of the Hudaibiya Treaty. First umrah was probably performed at that time when around two thousand men, women, and children, all followers of Muhammad performed this for three days. Muhammad forgave all his enemies who fought against Muslims.

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Thereafter, the significance of this pilgrimage was realized by the Muslims. Today, hajj has great significance in Islam and thousands of Muslims from different parts of the world pay a visit to Mecca, Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage and perform long rituals there. When pilgrims enter the perimeter of Mecca in a state of Ihram, they perform rituals like Tawaf, Sa’i, and Halq or taqsir. Last ten days of Ramadan are peak time of this pilgrimage and that days are counted before, during and after the hajj.

Hajj arrangements

Hajj requires certain pre-arrangements such as acquiring umrah visa and buying umrah packages for travel and boarding/lodging arrangements. Hajj is an obligation of every Muslim that he wants to fulfil before he travels to Allah’s (God’s) home.

Reasons Why You Must Buy the Abayas from the Online Sites!

When it comes to various attires, then there is no doubt in the fact that the world has so much variety in it that one can hardly remember 1/4th of it as well. But then again there are few types of attire that everybody knows about and of course these are quite visible in almost all the parts of the world. Of course, the Abbaya is one of the best that people can come across.

It is a great cultural attire that makes sure that the women look beautiful in their own unique way. But then again buying these can often get difficult for the people. There are few places that they can get these for and that too at their best rates. And these are none other than the online sites.

Yes, the abaya uk sells can be easily found with the help of the online sites. But why must you choose to buy these online?

Why buy these online?

Following are the various reasons why you need to buy these abayas online:

  • The comfort you cannot miss:

Yes, the online sites offer you with comfort that you simply cannot get over with at any point of the time. There is no doubt in the fact that with the help of the online sites you can simply get through with the shopping from anywhere you are comfortable with. Also any time you feel you are comfortable; you can definitely go ahead and shop. This is one reason why the abaya online is made easily available to you.

  • Great variety:

The variety from the online sites are the best. You can definitely lay your hands on the best abayas and that too for absolutely cheap rates. This is because the online sites offer you discounts that you cannot resist. Imagine getting an open abaya at a price you had never imagined before! But now you can imagine the same.

These are some of the many best reasons why you must consider buying these from the online sites.

Identify The Fake Travel Agencies For Your Visa Today!

A visa is a permit to enter a particular country and this is exactly why people must be careful while making their visa.

One must exceptionally understand that when it comes to the visa then they can either choose to apply for the same themselves or they can take the help of good travel agencies for the same. Yes there are many travel agencies that help you choose the best visa for yourself but then again there are we use fake travel agencies as well and in order to identify the same you will need to know about few points completely.

These are the exact points that define your travel agency and the process of getting through with and umrah visa becomes very easy for you.

Knowing the fake agencies:

Following are the various characteristics that define what a fake travel agency may be like:

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  • Asking for a hefty amount before any services:

There is completely no doubt in the fact that you must have come across such agencies in the past. These travel agencies make sure that they get their own fair share of money and this is exactly why they ask for hefty amount for services when it comes to the visa application procedure. Also do that before providing give any kind of services because they do not have any service to provide.

  • Has zero communication skills:

Any professional service will know exactly how to communicate. But any fake travel agency will definitely fail to communicate in a proper professional manner. They will either over do it or under do it.

  • No great packages to offer:+

They will definitely have no great packages to offer. They will definitely keep the packages that will be enticing to the eyes but in reality makes no sense. For example they can definitely offer you hajj packages at such low prices that it is beyond imagination.

You must understand that getting through with the umrah packages is important but not at the cost of getting fooled.

Check Out How Custom Home Plans Charleston SC Can Make Your Home worth Living

When you think of a home, multiple things come in your mind starting from preparation of layout to designing and interior and other things. Well, it is not an easy task as it seems. Right?

And when you actually plan to build a home or renovate your existing home, the foremost thing you think is your budget for the same. It is quite obvious that everyone aims to spend as less as possible and attaining magnificent services.

So, if you are also looking out for a home plan that will make a home which you dreamt for and that too in affordable prices, then go for elevated home plans Charleston sc and live a luxurious life in your perfect home.

Choosing your home plan

Are you planning to get your home renovated or redesigned? Well, you are at right place.

Whenever you think of re-planning your home doesn’t matter if you are going for a minor modification or a significant revising, following a proper procedure is foremost important.

Minor modification, actually you can says takes a much less time than significant revising because it includes only renovation or re-planning of your home rather that re-structuring it as a whole. For this you can just go for custom home plans charleston sc.

The very first step includes picking up a plan from multiple plans available as per your choice. If you are encountering any difficulty choosing a home plan from existing plans due to any reason that can be flood sensitive area or any kind of height prohibition or anything else, you can go for a custom made home plan as well.

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Getting a home that is specifically designed for you and made keeping in mind your preferences. Isn’t that sounds interesting?

Well, this can really happen with the help of coastal home plans charleston sc. Don’t wait, just go for it!

Are there benefits in Playing Video Games?

If you are a parent limiting your child to play video games because of the claims you have read of, like they cause violence or make the kids more aggressive yet the researchers suggest that action oriented or simulation games acts a stimulator for the decision making process. In particular, games like jurassic world evolution download, the child’s thinking and problem solving skills are greatly enhanced. The following are some of the cognitive benefits of playing video games.

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Cognitive Benefits of Playing Video Games

Regardless of the age playing with the simulator games like the Jurassic world evolution download PC games, World of Crafts always put us on the path to learning and experiencing new things.

  • Playing Games can be learning – The interactivity of the simulation games like Jurassic world evolution, Dinosaur Adventures stimulate learning and allow the individuals to experience novelty, curiosity and challenges. The more adolescents reported playing strategic video games improved their grades because they had an enhanced level of creativity and problem solving ability.
  • Good Intuition and Planning -Video game players have greater activity in the cingulate cortex area of the brain that control cognition and planner. When the brain has regular workouts, eventually gamers will have good intuition and become great planners.
  • Improve Multi-Tasking Skills – Computer game playing shown to improve multi-tasking skills. Jurassic world evolution download games is an apt games that drives to improve your multi-tasking ability. You need to build an expedition center besides fighting against the deadliest dinosaurs and also making profits with the center doing all the task at the same time and enhances multi-tasking skills.

Closing Thoughts

Games can help you enhance your brain power. Yes, it is through playing video games. So boost your brain by playing and be a better individual.


Tips on purchasing the seamless gutters

Seamless gutters are known to be very much popular among the homeowners as they are having a very smooth appearance as well as low maintenance. These gutters are mainly fabricated and made with the metal of continuous length which reduces the total count of seams as well as chances of leaks. These are the several factors that one should look into before they purchase the seamless gutter.

Installing process


You need to perform the installation with the help of a professional gutter installer whom you can rely on. One can also opt for gutter guard installation charleston sc. So these are the few things that you need to avoid when you are selecting the contractor for performing the gutter installation.


  • The contractor who is performing pushing a sale.
  • A quote which is too high.
  • A quote which is too low.
  • Not confirming the time within which the gutter will be completely installed.

Factors to check before buying the seamless gutter


  • Materials: Seamless gutters are also popular by the name of continuous gutters which are mainly manufactured from the materials like copper, steel, or aluminum. You can find them in various thicknesses. If you buy the metal of high gauge then it can be pretty much expensive but it will last for a long time and will also be strong.
  • Colour: If you are going to purchase the gutters that are made from the galvanized or copper will not be available in different variants. If you buy from the gutter installation shop or company then they might offer you with a huge variety of colors.
  • Cost: The budget of the seamless gutter will mainly depend on the number of linear feet which is required for guttering.


You should also check the gutter repair charleston sc properly and make sure that the gutter installation Charleston sc is done properly.