3Doodler – Pen to Develop Creativity in All Ages

Creative 3-D pen

You may or may not be knowing about three-dimensional designing by hand because this is new technology-based invention launched by WobbleWorks, Inc. of the United States. Its creators are very much sure about vast future commercial applications of this product. If you read 3D pen reviews, you will come to know much more about the operation, safety, and applications of this creative device. It is simple to use and is economical in price, although price for various models vary. WobbleWorks has launched improved 3Doodler 2.0 model followed by 3Doodler Start, 3Doodler Create, and 3Doodler Pro with some different in features of this 3D pen.

3d pen

Models for all ages

3Doodler Start is most kid-friendly model in the market without an exposed hot tip to prevent risk of hand burning by kids. It has no hot parts and is good for kids of 8+ ages, the age when child is very creative but vulnerable to hazards. This model has eco-plastic formulation that melts on very low temperature. 3Doodler Create is extremely popular model with two temperature settings. It uses three types of materials such as PLA, ABS and Flex plastic. This model is good for children of 14+ ages. 3Doodler Pro is a model designed for professionals which is most expensive but versatile model in the market. It features temperature display LCD and sequential temperature settings. More types of material such as ABS, Nylon, Bronze, Copper, PLA, and Wood Infused PLA are used in this model because of its operation on high temperature. This model features manual temperature and speed settings. Every model is best 3D pen for the type of user. You can go through any 3D pen review if you have curiosity to know more about this product.

Best model to use

The 3Doodler is interesting and capable of developing creative skills in kids and adults using different models apt for their age group. It is recommended to have a thorough reading of best 3D printing pen reviews for its appropriate use.