5 Secret Whatsapp Features That You Didn’t Know About

With over a billion users, whatapp download have taken this generation by storm helping each other to stay connected. The features that an IM service can offer were greatly widened when whatsapp was introduced into the market. There are several features though, that many are yet to discover hidden within this instant messaging app.

  1. Blue Ticks

You can disable the blue ticks which are also known as read receipts from your personal settings under the “Privacy” tab. This will not only disable the read receipts for your messaging partner, but also for you as well. This means you cannot receive receipts for your messages either.

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  1. Chat frequency.

You have the ability to check who you messaged the most during your entire IM usage period. This feature can be accessed from the Data and Storage usage settings in your smartphone. You will see the most chatted with groups or persons in the storage usage of the app.

  1. Time of your messages read.

You also have the option to see who read your message and the exact time when the person read your messages. You just have to tap and hold the message whose read time you want to check and it will show you. If you’re checking within a group, it will show you which member read the message when.

  1. Hiding Profile Pic.

You can hide your profile pic from everyone if you wish to from your profile picture settings under the “Privacy” tab. This will hide the picture from the people who are not in your contacts, or everyone based on the type of selection you make to hide your profile picture.

These were some of the secret features of whatsapp that everyone doesn’t know about. You can easily free download whatsapp from the play store or iOS.