Different Methods of Hair Extensions Available In the Market

Hair extensions like EH Hair Extensions Gold Coast hadril are available in the market and have become very popular among ladies of the twenty first century. The quality of the extension to a great extent depends on the method used to get it done.

Methods of attaching hair extensions

  1. The tap-in method

The hair extensions in this method are glued to the natural hair on both sides. It is generally glued by a heated object. Removing this kind of hair extension requires a glue remover. The attachment process requires approximately an hour and the extensions are re-usable.

  1. The sew-in method

Extensions like EH Hair Extensions Gold Coast in this method is attached after braiding the natural hair, the artificial hair is attached by using a needle and attaching by a thread. This method is usually applied to hair with more volume. It requires few hours for this process.

  1. The fusion method

In this method, strands of hair extensions are attached to segments of the natural hair by using some kind of adhesive. The process requires almost four hours to be completed. This method is harmful for the natural hair as it puts a lot of strain on the natural hair strands.

  1. The micro-link method

The extensions in this method have micro loops. These extensions are looped with the natural hair. The extensions are fixed to little portions of the actual hair and then it is fastened with special clamps. This process needs about three hours to be completed.

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Longevity of hair extensions by the different methods

Hair extensions like Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions Australia attached with separate procedures last as follows –

  • The tap-in extensions last for around four to eight weeks.
  • The sew-in extensions have longevity of about six to eight weeks.
  • The fused extensions stay for around four months.
  • The micro-link extensions also have a life span of about four months.

All in all, it can be easily told that ladies can use the required method for extensions depending on their budget and the longevity of the extensions required.