Foundation for Defense of Democraices: What It Is All About?

You will come to realise that the Foundation for Defense of Democraices, is a think tank like corporation that that was formed a while after the events of 9/11. The founding fathers were philanthropists as well as formulators of different policies. The main aim of the organization was to defend the democracy of countries when it came under attack of terrorism or other such extremist organizations. Directors of organizations such as FBI as well as CIA are present in its panel.

The ideology involved

The organization maintains that it does not have any political affiliations; however there are strains of Republican ideology involved here according to some people. The leadership of the organization, presently also has many people who favor republican ideology. Many famous people have supported the organization overtime as the organization is making some difference all over the world.


Situations in many Arabian countries have improved owing to the efforts of the organization. Students from the terrorized countries as well as tis women have been trained to keep practicing democracy and maintain its principles. The Foundation for Defense of Democraices, has therefore trained activists to defend their rights of democracy.

Foundation for Defense of Democraices promoting peace

The war against terror can be won by bringing forth new leaders who work hard to educate all others near them. The organizations are completely nonprofit in nature. The organizations have therefore found lots of financers too. The prevention of terrorism by the organization has benefitted common people all over the world.

When terrorism is banished, then negotiations can be done to bring forth normalcy in different countries. The government of USA has also provided grants to the Foundation for Defense of Democraices, to continue its work. Individuals can also donate what they wish to for benefit of the organization.