Foundation of Defense of Democracies to Counter Terrorism

Foundation of Defense of Democracies is a non-profit policy institute mainly aiming for foreign policy and national security. Mark Dubowitz is the CEO of the foundation of Defense of Democracies, a Washington based institute to defend nations from their enemies. The country is facing lots of threats from Israel and from number of countries so this was the underlying cause for the foundation of defense of democracies. This was founded after the 9/11 to counter terrorism and defend democratic values.

Common beliefs of Foundation of Defense of Democracies

Foundation of Defense of Democracy CEO Mark Dubowitz and its other board members constituting of Ambassadors, Security Advisor, many of the leading journal columnists although holding different backgrounds and political outlooks yet follow some common beliefs of FDD such as

mark dubowitz

  • Every citizen in the country should enjoy the basic rights. It can be either rights related to women’s power or freedom, religious rights, freedom of speech etc.
  • Citizen living in the democratic country have the right to protect themselves as well to protect others.
  • Racial discrimination is a crucial problem in major countries, people are discriminated based on race, religion, color, nationality and many other factors. Foundation of defense of democracies makes it as a point to discourage racial discrimination among their residents.
  • The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, to be precisely referred as terrorism should not be encouraged and should be countered at the beginning state. Many individuals use terrorism for political reason but it should be highly penalized. In addition the society is facing threats due to terrorism so it should be overlooked.

Summing it up

Mark Dubowitz is South African by birth however he is an American citizen. His studies on International public policy influenced him more towards the founding of the defense of democracies and he is an astounding expert on Iran’s Global network.