How The Different Models Of The Whizzinator Work?

Simulating the appearance and functions of a real penis, the Whizzinator is a very innovative product.  It is great for some adult pranks or games. The fact that it looks and feels just like the real thing would, makes it that more impressive a product. Coming in the form of a kit, it imitates natural urination process in the best possible manner.

How is original model different from latest one?

The latest model that is available in the market nowadays is quite different from the original one. The original model is now out of production. However, you can still use it successfully if you have it.

The main difference between the original model and latest model is that pressure release valve inside its head is absent. Due to this, the previous model of Whizzinator doesn’t quite look as natural. Also, it is not as usable as current model. So, if you use the original model, you might get caught upon close supervision.


The Current Product

Unlike the previous product model, the latest model operates through touch. For effecting the flow of urine from the prosthetic penis, you need to squeeze the head of the penis. The product has a special pressure valve inside, which opens up when being squeezed.

The operation of the first model was based on simple flipping of a switch. That might not look as natural as you would want. In the latest model, the switch is still present. However, it exists in the form of a safety toggle for preventing accidental spills. The presence of main trigger inside the head imitates urination process ideally.

Considering the mode of operation, it isn’t a surprise that latest model is called the Whizzinator Touch. Simply squeezing the top of prosthetic model allows the flow of synthetic urine from the vinyl pouch.