Moti Ferder: The king of Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are easily the most cherished stones on this planet. The ladies in particular have an unbiased love towards the lucrative but expensive stones. When one is talking about diamonds, name of one particular person can never be forgotten that of Moti Ferder.

Who is Moti Ferder?

Moti Ferder is the Design Director and CEO of Lugano Diamonds. Lugano Diamonds is one of the world’s leaders as far as production of diamond jewelry is concerned. The company prides itself of producing a one of its kind jewelry with ornaments comprising of some of the rarest gemstones from around the globe. The multiple colors and the manner of uniqueness in which they are used are some of the basic characteristics that the Lugano Diamonds offer to its clients.

Moti Ferder started his career as a diamond cutter and in a very short time gained a unique perfection in his job. The uniqueness of his perfection came because of the distinctive designs that he had in his mind. The distinctness of his ideas was appreciated by many who found some sort of exclusive factor in his designs which was never seen before.

The Rise of Lugano Diamonds

Riding on the initial success that Ferder was able to gain, he started expanding his family business of diamonds which started from Antwerp. And steadily the Lugano Diamonds started to make a name for it. Lugano Diamonds are one of the most dedicated diamond jewelry manufacturers. The company does all the work, from finding the diamond to processing it, getting it designed and crafting it into jewelry.

Moti Ferder has taken the company to such heights that even he had never thought of. The list of clients includes some of the most celebrated people from the fields of entertainment to sports. The company has gained an unprecedented popularity and is looking forward to expanding in the rising markets of India and China.