Moti Ferder: The Man behind the Brand of Lugano Diamonds

Lugano Diamonds is an international jewelry brand with a huge reputation. The company is quite creative in the jewelleries it produces; so much so many consider it a work of art. Their main focus is always on diamond pieces. Moti Ferder, the company’s president and design director, is amongst the most knowledgeable persons in the diamond industry. His knowledge helps Lugano provide finest diamond jewelry at great price.

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Learning about the business at an early age

Ferder knew what he wanted to be at a very early age. He knew that he wanted to do what his father did and enter the diamond business. He learned about everything straight from his father. Watching his father work in the diamond business was a learning experience for him.

Judging by everything Moti Ferder has achieved, it is fair to say that he has done well in the business. The gemmologist is now the design director and president of his family’s company. He has been the man behind the brand for the last 30 years. Now, the company has a salon in Newport Center and Montage Laguna Beach.

Quality is of utmost importance

In the diamond business, there are some criteria to be successful and quality is one of them. The people who buy diamonds know about quality. Just like Moti Ferder, anyone who has been successful in the industry knows that quality is of utmost importance. The quality has to remain throughout the production, and Lugano Diamonds does just that.

The original stone’s quality, clarity and cut are very essential. The processing and manufacturing are also important. Along with maintaining quality, maintaining integrity is also important. It is necessary to abide by the industry regulations as well. Since Lugano Diamonds controls the entire production process, they are capable of doing that.