Foundation of Defense of Democracies to Counter Terrorism

Foundation of Defense of Democracies is a non-profit policy institute mainly aiming for foreign policy and national security. Mark Dubowitz is the CEO of the foundation of Defense of Democracies, a Washington based institute to defend nations from their enemies. The country is facing lots of threats from Israel and from number of countries so this was the underlying cause for the foundation of defense of democracies. This was founded after the 9/11 to counter terrorism and defend democratic values.

Common beliefs of Foundation of Defense of Democracies

Foundation of Defense of Democracy CEO Mark Dubowitz and its other board members constituting of Ambassadors, Security Advisor, many of the leading journal columnists although holding different backgrounds and political outlooks yet follow some common beliefs of FDD such as

mark dubowitz

  • Every citizen in the country should enjoy the basic rights. It can be either rights related to women’s power or freedom, religious rights, freedom of speech etc.
  • Citizen living in the democratic country have the right to protect themselves as well to protect others.
  • Racial discrimination is a crucial problem in major countries, people are discriminated based on race, religion, color, nationality and many other factors. Foundation of defense of democracies makes it as a point to discourage racial discrimination among their residents.
  • The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, to be precisely referred as terrorism should not be encouraged and should be countered at the beginning state. Many individuals use terrorism for political reason but it should be highly penalized. In addition the society is facing threats due to terrorism so it should be overlooked.

Summing it up

Mark Dubowitz is South African by birth however he is an American citizen. His studies on International public policy influenced him more towards the founding of the defense of democracies and he is an astounding expert on Iran’s Global network.


3 tips to hire a maid service


There are a lot of things to be checked before you go ahead and hire a maid service from any of the companies because there are a lot of maids service companies available these days and they may exploit their customers in case if you do not know who you are dealing with. Hence, hiring a professional maid service from cleaning services raleigh nc becomes very important because these maids are highly professional and they would understand their customer requirement correctly and would be able to assist their customers at homes and offices.

Below mentioned are some of the tips before you hire cleaning services Raleigh NC.

  • Check for skills

Skills becomes very important when you are hiring a maid service because if they do not understand the basic concepts of cleaning and the other things then it becomes highly impossible for you to deal with them. Hence, hiring the maid services from Raleigh maid service would be highly beneficial.

  • Check for ethics

Maids with ethics should be hired because if they do not understand the ethics then they may end up into things which may be illegal hence, you need to always find out if the maids are ethical or not else; it would become difficult for you to get along with them and get the things done.

  • Check for time management

The maids you hire should be able to manage time efficiently else, it may become difficult for you to deal with them as the work would be clogged and you would not understand how to make them work. Hence, time management should be there with the maids you hire.

These are some of the tips for you to go ahead and follow before you hire a maid service for cleaning or any other household or office purposes.








Benefits of having an aquarium

Aquariums can be kept at homes and offices to lighten up the space. There are different kinds of aquariums and it important to use the led aquarium lighting to keep your aquarium bright and beautiful. Let us quickly go ahead and check some of the best benefits of having an aquarium.

led aquarium lighting

  • Keeps you happy

When you look at the colorful fishes swimming in the water, it would be a feast to your eyes and looking at them swim happily would make your heart lighter and you would start to feel happy and good. Hence, having an aquarium with best led aquarium lighting would be really beneficial.

  • Anti-depressant

Having an aquarium at home and office would always keep you away from being depressed and this would also help you improve your mental health as well. Hence, having best aquarium led lighting can be highly beneficial when you have good aquariums at your homes and offices.

  • Color brings happiness

When there is an aquarium around you there would be a lot of color in it and when you look at different colors there would be a lot of happiness in your home and you would be filled with love and happiness. When there is color in your office, you would feel happier and lighter in your heart.

  • Lighting would make you cheerful

There would be a lot of lightings available in the aquarium and this would also again be reason to brighten up the environment and when you see a lot of lightings in the aquarium that can also make you feel good and can act as a benefit.

These are some of the s of having an aquarium at homes or offices and after knowing all these, go ahead and buy an aquarium.

The Rustic Pathways Reviews – A Success Story

Rustic Pathways is a travel company providing travel and services to the students and teachers. Their efforts to redefine education, travel and philanthropy are bringing light to the world and getting connected by humanity.

It educates children to innovate things and have accountable travel all around the world.

Rustic Pathways reviews holds stronggrounds and is elevating company’s reputation with every forth coming trip. People travelling with Rustic Pathways find it difficult to cope up with any other services.

Rustic Pathways Reviews of few programs:


She started her trip with Seven Wonders of the World and travelled all around Australia. She found her best of friends on the trip with an amazing instructor who was the reason behind the trip’s success. She said she was short of words while explaining her experience with Rustic Pathways and believes that she would travel again with Rustic soon.

Rustic Pathways Reviews


She was quite sensitive when she opted to travel alone, it was her first trip and believes that Rustic Pathways made it easier for her to travel and enjoy. They provided her all the answers and made her feel comfortable so that she could take the best with her at the end. She also found her leaders to be supportive.

The only thing she did not appreciate was the groups were divided and the friends were disconnected because of the scheme. But overall, she had an amazing experience and would recommend Rustic Pathways to everyone.


She had somewhat same story as Emma, little uncomfortable with the thought to travel alone. But she was more than happy as she was travelling. The thought was overwhelmed with the instructors and the plan Rustic had decided for her. She quoted “The trip leaders always had that welcoming smile which made me feel wanted and loved, and the most important thing safe. They were always there whenever I wanted to talk with someone.”

Every Rustic Pathways reviewsspeaks of its success and compassion which was enjoyed by its customers. The trip besides being an entertainment was learning and understanding so that they leave a complete new soul behind when the trip is completed.

So, this is the success story of Rustic Pathways.

How The Different Models Of The Whizzinator Work?

Simulating the appearance and functions of a real penis, the Whizzinator is a very innovative product.  It is great for some adult pranks or games. The fact that it looks and feels just like the real thing would, makes it that more impressive a product. Coming in the form of a kit, it imitates natural urination process in the best possible manner.

How is original model different from latest one?

The latest model that is available in the market nowadays is quite different from the original one. The original model is now out of production. However, you can still use it successfully if you have it.

The main difference between the original model and latest model is that pressure release valve inside its head is absent. Due to this, the previous model of Whizzinator doesn’t quite look as natural. Also, it is not as usable as current model. So, if you use the original model, you might get caught upon close supervision.


The Current Product

Unlike the previous product model, the latest model operates through touch. For effecting the flow of urine from the prosthetic penis, you need to squeeze the head of the penis. The product has a special pressure valve inside, which opens up when being squeezed.

The operation of the first model was based on simple flipping of a switch. That might not look as natural as you would want. In the latest model, the switch is still present. However, it exists in the form of a safety toggle for preventing accidental spills. The presence of main trigger inside the head imitates urination process ideally.

Considering the mode of operation, it isn’t a surprise that latest model is called the Whizzinator Touch. Simply squeezing the top of prosthetic model allows the flow of synthetic urine from the vinyl pouch. 

Find a Suitable Car for Your Needs from an Inventory of Used Cars

A car is a machine that one purchases rarely. It is not a commodity that one would normally buy, unless one is Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark. For an average, everyday person; it is important to choose a dealer who can offer a car that meets all the needs. Carvision is known to offer a seamless service to all its customers in order to meet their requirements.

Why to choose a carvision service over others

In order to find the suitable car for one’s needs, one must prepare a list of parameters based on which the purchase would be made. These parameters assist the purchaser to choose the best car for the need. Another important aspect of purchasing a car is the budget range. Once both these are done, one is ready to purchase a car that would fit well within the means.


There are a plethora of reasons to choose carvision. A few of them are mentioned below:

       Cars available well in budget, with utmost performance.

       Wide range of cars available, with lucrative budgets.

       Easy approvals.

       Easily modifiable warranties of the cars.

This makes it one of the best car dealers to choose from the plethora of dealers operating within the country. This is one of the best pre-used car dealers that one can find in order to meet all their requirements.

The best service available

Carvision is one of the best sources of pre-owned cars. Operating since the year 2000, they have been known to offer professional service to all their customers. Their simplified car shopping experience lets the users have a hassle-free experience and easy approvals from the governing bodies. With a lot of cars to offer to the prospective customers, one can completely rely on them in order to find their car solution, at the best reasonable price.

How to be safe playing online card games

The Internet has made our lives much easier in every way possible. Right from online shopping, booking tickets, knowing more about the world, entertainment and even gaming; the Internet has something for everyone. There are several computer games like ceme online which are played against other players. It can be done on a computer, mobile or some games are even through social networking sites. Some players might use some assumed identity and hence you are mostly unaware of who you are playing against. These games are quite fun to play and a nice way to spend some time as well as earn money in the process. However, there can be certain risks involved –

The risks involved in playing online games –

  • Most dangers that are linked with online chatrooms apply to online gaming too.
  • Some sites claim to help you out with some cheats. And if you download them, it might bring in some unwanted viruses.
  • If you give away any personal information like your email or password, it is obviously a reckless act.

How to stay safe –

  • There are a lot of ways one can get into trouble if you are not careful while playing games like judi bola. This being said, if you take the following steps, you can stay safe and enjoy.
  • You should always have updated and effective antivirus or antispyware software as well as firewalls.
  • Do not even give out any personal information; choose an appropriate username which would not reveal anything.
  • The passwords that you use should be very strong. Do not use obvious passwords that people might guess.
  • Even if you use any trusted site like that of situs judi online, you should always go through the terms and conditions and not take things for granted.
  • Do not download any kind of programs, files or software that is unauthorized. Always make sure you verify the security and authenticity of it.



Online shopping for Breitling replica watches!


Online shopping has brought the world together. Together we buy almost everything off the internet and celebrate the sedentary lifestyle. While procuring anything from the online websites is easy, there is actually a struggle to find trustable websites which sell quality products. And when it comes to purchasing designer or branded watches we want to be sure before. The best choice people make today for endless styling options is buy the Rolex replica watches from trusted sources and enjoy the benefits of multiple watches.

Buying replica watches online

If you are interested in buying replica watches like Rolex replica watches online then you must find out the best of websites which deals with quality replicas in worthy prices. Here are a few hints for you.

  • Exclusive collection

A well established website will have a huge collection of Panerai replica watches and all popular brands to explore. They will have exactly the same collection as the branded ones.

  • Easy payment gateways

With trusted payment gateways and easy options to buy the websites will be very customer friendly.

  • Trusted reviews

Always take in recommendations and reviews to find the right website for your replica watch purchases. Buy only when you are convinced of the quality of products and their genuineness.

  • High quality products

The website deals with quality products with fine craftsmanship to make your experience a heavenly one.

Buy watches online for maximum comfort

The online websites dealing with the Breitling replica watches are perfect for shopping online as they help you find the perfect piece from a huge collection of different brands. You can easily add the pieces to carts and place orders with the website for the watches to be home delivered to you. With easily delivery and right policies you can be sure that you will enjoy the watches as much as they look on the website.

New age online poker games for fun!


Gaming is a zone where we all have a good time. History has it that games have proved to be a huge source of entertainment, de-stressing and of course mating with your friends. Since childhood we have all loved to indulge into quality games and love the fun and frolic. While there are a lot of free online games to play on the internet, there are some in particular which freshens up your mind and makes you smarter in the process.

Play Bandar q poker online

Bandar q is a beautiful game of cards which is made much like poker. With coins of different denominations and cards to be played with this game has won a huge fan following. Simple rules, easy betting and definitely requiring smart strategies from people one cannot deny that this game is the most celebrated game of all times. While traditional poker has its own charm, this game actually brings the best of the poker game but in a different fashion. You can enjoy this online version of the game with classic animations, beautiful HD display and easy to move cards and coins.

adu q

Betting money on online games

Domino 99 is one of the popular online poker games which promises to be the best for online betting. When you crave for money play and doubt about the reliability of the websites, you can choose amongst games like adu q for best performance. The website hosting this game have an extremely reliable deposit and withdrawal mechanism with your money always secured. While you are busy playing games with your friends and do not want to think about the safety of your money, the website is handling your money to the best so that you can withdraw it anytime you desire. For reliable gaming experience, choose trusted websites!

Things to Remember While Going For Weight Loss

On the internet, you will find hundreds of tips related to weight loss. Several websites offer fitness and weight loss tips, emagrecendo being an example of such a site. However, when you are looking for a proper solution, you should avoid the one that offers quick and easy weight loss. This is because such methods often result is fast weight gain thereafter.


When you are searching for weight loss tips, you will find the same tips repeated everywhere. Actually, there is no new weight loss tip. That is the truth. In a nutshell, you have to exercise more, have a healthier diet and change your lifestyle for losing weight. Any weight loss program would help you shed initial pounds and advice you on maintaining the weight. Everything else is up to you.

Lose weight for right reasons

Before you start searching for fitness regimes or diet plans, you must know exactly why you wish to lose weight. Your motive should always be to improve your health. There can’t be a better motivation than doing it for yourself. Being overweight can have serious health concerns, so your aim should be maintaining your own health. A website like emagre cendo is always helpful, but your priorities should be in the right place.

Be Realistic

If you set goals that are nearly impossible to achieve, you simply set yourself up for failure. This results in disappointment and you end up doing more harm than good. The importance of setting realistic goals can’t be repeated enough. You should break your bigger goal into smaller steps that are more achievable.

For instance, weekly or monthly goals are easier to achieve than yearly goals. Also, keeping yourself motivated for longer period is harder. Meeting your smaller goals step by step can help you eventually achieve the final goal.


Steps to prevent drug addiction

A lot of youngsters are getting to drug addiction these days because of the stressful life and also the kind of relationships that they get into.

Relationships can be one of the major causes for people to get into drug addiction because the company that you are in may influence a lot and the moment you start feeling worse you will start indulging yourself into something which you may not have to do especially when you do not know the process of how to pass a drug test.

how to pass a drug test

Drug addiction can be caused because of an abusive childhood. Hence, educating your child on the drug addiction and also the causes and effects of it is one of the greatest things that you could do as a parent.

A lot of parents are ignorant about their children because of the kind of world they are into and work is very important however; you need to understand that you children are also very important.

Hence, creating awareness to your child about the drugs and the harmful causes of it is very crucial for because this may have a direct impact on the children health and their mental status as well and they may even have to pass a drug test.

Drug addicts can be usually identified very easily. If you notice anybody around you going through a certain amount of trauma or any sort of behavioural changes and if there is any drastic change in their physical body then you may have to certainly go ahead and check with them and understand the level of addiction.

There could be a lot of help that you could offer them hence, please go ahead and do that you may also take them to a rehabilitation centre which will help them to detach themselves from the drugs and they will help them to purify them.

Top things to eat to keep your teeth healthy

The health of your teeth is very important to be maintained because if you have yellow teeth you will not be able to establish the right kind of self confidence.

Hence, having brighter and whiter teeth is advantageous and beneficial to you. Below mentioned are the top things that you need to eat to keep your teeth healthy as recommended by your MGA dental emergency Brisbane dentists.

Eat food that is completely full with calcium as the teeth enamel requires a lot of calcium and for it to become whiter and brighter, you need to always go ahead and eat food which has a lot of calcium in them.

Especially eggs are filled with high proteins and also calcium so you could always choose to eat eggs to take care of your teeth properly and you could also check with MGA after hours dentist Gold Coast.

Drink a lot of milk on timely basis because milk is something that is loaded with calcium and it helps you to maintain your gums and also the teeth becomes stronger.

Hence consuming a glass of milk everyday will help you to strengthen your bones as well.

Eat a lot of Salmons as they are rich in proteins and when you eat protein filled food automatically the entire body would become healthy. Taking care of your health is one of the greatest things to do and you need to eat food which is filled with proteins, minerals calcium and also fat to keep your teeth and gums intact.

You should never neglect anything that will help your teeth to become stronger and also do not eat a lot of sugar as sugar is something that leads to a lot of cavities.

So if you planning to take care of your teeth properly do try to follow these simple steps.

Five Valid Reasons to Take Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements mainly help you to fulfill the daily needs of your nutrients which go missing from your food. If you are in a dilemma that whether or not to take dietary supplements then, here is a list of five valid reasons that you should.

Reasons to take Dietary Supplements

After knowing the reasons, even you will consider taking dietary supplements. Here you go with it:

  1. In many parts of the world farming is done on low-qualitysoils, and therefore, the crops are deprived of the essential nutrients that it should have. Now, to fulfill the deficiency of the required nutrients, you may feel the need for using dietary supplements.


  1. Next is the use of hybrid crops in most of the organic farms. Hybrid crops are crops that yield more food, but when it comes to nutrient content, they have a much lower content than the normal crops.

  1. Previously, crops were mostly fertilized with the help of manures. But nowadays, the farmers have shifted from the use of manures to modern fertilizers that contain potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. These modern fertilizers are deficient in many other nutrients which need to be fulfilled with the help of dietary supplements.


  1. The excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers kills the soil microorganisms that are required to make minerals and hence, the crops are low in nutrient content. Apart from these, our bodies are also exposed to the harmful pesticide residue that remains inside the foods.


  1. Even the processing of foods reduces their nutritional value to a great extent.


So if you are willing to balance the shortcomings of the crucial nutrients in your food then, you can order supplements from National Nutrition which is supplements Canada website where you get all types of dietary supplements and vitamins including glucosmart.

Jadore Clip In Hair Extensions Australia: Your perfect hair companion

Just like any product, hair extensions to have their pros and cons. So before purchasing yourself one, you should go through them once and then decide.

The pros of hair extensions

  • The foremost pro of hair extensions like Jadore Clip in Hair Extensions Australia is the instant satisfaction it brings along. One gets to see a very satisfactory result within a very short amount of time, which is usually less than 24 hours.
  • So you can change your look from extremely thin hair to avoluminous one within a couple of hours, which brings along a sense of instant gratification.
  • An obvious advantage of hair extensions is their requirement of little to no maintenance. They are able to withstand the rigors of experimentation much better and hence are built to last.
  • They are easily affordable and can be found both online and in offline stores as well.
  • They also are versatile and help you to experiment with your look at your will.

Jadore Hair Extensions Australia

Hair extensions and scalp damage

Even though the scalp is resilient and has the capacity of tolerating and supporting the added weight of the extended hair but it has a catch. It is true that the scalp can support a lot of hair but it takes a lot of time for that amount of hair to grow, usually over a period of a few months and hence, the scalp has a gradual increase in its carrying capacity.

However, when one adds hair via hair extensions like Jadore Clip In hair Extensions Australia, the amount of hair that the scalp has to support increases overnight. This causes pulling of the scalp which results in irritation as well as damage. At times the damage caused to the scalp is very serious and takes a lot of time.

Different Methods of Hair Extensions Available In the Market

Hair extensions like EH Hair Extensions Gold Coast hadril are available in the market and have become very popular among ladies of the twenty first century. The quality of the extension to a great extent depends on the method used to get it done.

Methods of attaching hair extensions

  1. The tap-in method

The hair extensions in this method are glued to the natural hair on both sides. It is generally glued by a heated object. Removing this kind of hair extension requires a glue remover. The attachment process requires approximately an hour and the extensions are re-usable.

  1. The sew-in method

Extensions like EH Hair Extensions Gold Coast in this method is attached after braiding the natural hair, the artificial hair is attached by using a needle and attaching by a thread. This method is usually applied to hair with more volume. It requires few hours for this process.

  1. The fusion method

In this method, strands of hair extensions are attached to segments of the natural hair by using some kind of adhesive. The process requires almost four hours to be completed. This method is harmful for the natural hair as it puts a lot of strain on the natural hair strands.

  1. The micro-link method

The extensions in this method have micro loops. These extensions are looped with the natural hair. The extensions are fixed to little portions of the actual hair and then it is fastened with special clamps. This process needs about three hours to be completed.

Hair Extensions Gold Coast Emilly Hadrill

Longevity of hair extensions by the different methods

Hair extensions like Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions Australia attached with separate procedures last as follows –

  • The tap-in extensions last for around four to eight weeks.
  • The sew-in extensions have longevity of about six to eight weeks.
  • The fused extensions stay for around four months.
  • The micro-link extensions also have a life span of about four months.

All in all, it can be easily told that ladies can use the required method for extensions depending on their budget and the longevity of the extensions required.