Playing corn hole game

No skills

Corn hole is the game which is popularly played at parties. It is the game which needs minimum preparation and it is also easy to understand. It is thegame which can also be played by kids. You canenjoy your partyandmake it more interesting when you have corn hole game with you. You don’t need skills for playingand winning game and you only needs some good aim and some good patience. The lawn games are must when you are willing to have a great party at your place. The tailgating games are having a good reputation like the ladder toss and they are well known for being the absolute barrels of fun and the corn hole game is not an exception in this case.

corn hole game

Tailgate party game

It is the centre piece of the tailgate parties and it is designed in such a way that it requires the minimum amount of equipment at all time. Thus the game becomes the perfect choice for the last minutes backyard parties. The requirements for playing the game are very less. It needs players for playing the game. You can have two teams with two players. The game needs 2 wooden boards. They are the rectangular wooden boards and they are slightly elevated. It ensures that the hole is away from the ground.

First of all you need to place the wooden boards on the flat surface. It can be either the lawn or the concrete pavements; you should make sure that you situate the platform on the flat surface so that it balances. Both the teams get the 4 corn bags and of same color. You and the teammate will get the bag with same color and the opponent will get of another color. You should decide that which side gets throw first.