Pros and Cons of playing Online games

Playing online games come with sets of both pros and cons. For some people, pros matter the most and for others, the cons. However, nobody can deny that online games are highly popular among people and the whole business of online gaming is expanding day-by-day.


Pros: There are many pros of playing online games. If a player has some interest in card games like Bandar Q, Domino QQ, etc., then playing these can enhance his or her mental ability, decision making power, and eye to hand coordination. Moreover, it increases the ability to handle the pressure of working in limited time period. Players learn to take effective decision in unknown situations. Also, if the games involve money, then this encourages a player to make more efforts and in this way he or she also learns how to handle money. Rewards always push everyone to perform better. Also, it’s pretty obvious that online gaming reduces stress and provide entertainment without involving a lot of efforts. It also improves concentration and helps in sharpening mind.

Cons: There are few cons attached to online gaming. The first and most trivial one is addiction of playing online games. If the addiction is not controlled, then it can prove to be very harmful as it might result in wasting a lot of time and money that rather be invested in real life work. This will result in low performance at work or in studies. Moreover, if games are played excessively or over the normal limit, then this can take a toll on health, especially on eyes. It can also lead to less outdoor activities.

Online games like Bandar sakong, Adu Q, etc., are a great source of leisure and income if played within the limits. Therefore, players should use their intelligence while dealing with such conditions.