Reasons Why 3 Week Diet Is the Best Thing for an Obese Person

The present generations of people have become victim of several diseases which is caused from our poor lifestyle and eating habits. The few of these diseases are diabetes, obesity, nutrition deficiency and blood pressure disorder. The above mentioned diseases have several medicines available in the market to keep them under control except for obesity. The only medicine doctors prescribe for obesity is proper amount of exercise and balanced diet.

A solution to a long standing problem:

But a novice person suffering from obesity may often get misguided while following such diet and exercises. A guy named Brian Flatt came to the rescue. He wrote a book titled 3 week diet. In this book, he has guided his reader through the entire fat loss regime from start to end. He has divided the program in 4 phases.

The fat loss program:

In the 3 week diet program the first phase involves detoxing of the body which helps in getting rid of some fat from the body. The next phase of the program is the fasting phase where the person needs to fast for 24 hours. The following phase is known as the fat gaining phase where the person needs to gain fat which is good for health. The final phase is the custom dieting phase where the person needs to be under controlled calorie uptake.


The program last for 21 days and if the claims of the author is genuine then the person can lose as much as 23 pounds. The experts feel this 3 week program has a healthy balance between exercise and diet as a result it not only helps in weight loss but improves overall health condition. They also feel the program actually works and helps people in losing weight. The 3 week diet reviews on the official website is very encouraging as the customers certified the health expert’s opinion regarding the effectiveness of the program. The book comes with money back guarantee which made it easier for the readers to take a chance.