South Carolina Auto Glass Tinting Laws for Road Safety & Security

Tinting is a common practice in residential and commercial buildings and is often seen on the windows of many vehicles. The purpose of tinting buildings and vehicles is nearly same and auto glass tinting has even more benefits, but it is restricted by the state laws. There are no legal restrictions pertaining to tinting of building windows.  The legal restrictions for auto glass tinting are framed keeping in view certain safety and security aspects during road travel and pertains to the percentage of visibility through the tinted glass. The certification of fulfilling legal requirements is also required under South Carolina state laws on tinting. car audio installation mount pleasant sc companies are well-familiar with these state laws.

Purpose of SC state laws on vehicles glass tinting

Although tinting of auto windows has multiple advantages but state laws are meant for safety on roads and to prevent misuse of tinted glasses. South Carolina state laws have fixed Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%) for all side windows including windshield. To ensure sufficient visibility through these windows. Tinting is allowed only on top of the windshield above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. The state laws also require left and right-side mirrors fixing in case of back window tinting. All these are safety aspects to ensure that a driver doesn’t face poor visibility that increases chances of accident in fast moving vehicles. Another important aspect is the security because robbers and terrorists have good chance to escape unrecognizably under the protection of tinted auto glasses. The police can’t see their faces even they have photographs of culprits with them. Vehicle window tinting Mount Pleasant SC companies have clear instructions to use only legally permitted tinted films.

Why to follow tinting laws

The question is not only of the state laws but as a citizen you are also supposed to follow these laws for your own safety and security and that of others on the road.      Car window tinting Mount Pleasant within prescribed laws is, therefore, comfortable, safe, and secured from every angle.