The Fußball: An Interesting History to Read and To Know

The Fußball or Foosball is the German name of football. The game originated from United Kingdom. The reason of gaining popularity for Fußball, is from the popularity of football from Europe and then later came to United States during 1950s.  The idea of the game came from a match box.

How to play Fußball?

It starts with a coin toss; the winner of the toss makes the serves first ball. The first serving is done from the side of the table or may start from the center of the table too depending on the rule of the game. Whoever scores the number of goals decided before the game first, emerges as the winner.


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Patents for table games started in Europe back in the late 19th century. The origin of Fußbal however started during the early 20th century in United Kingdom. This game was patented in UK, owned by Harold Searles Thorton.

The common field football (that is currently called as soccer in the United States) was hugely popular in Europe. The popularity was so huge that Harold thought of inventing a game that could be played by people at home. Thus, fussball or Foosball was invented. Harold wanted the game differently from football thus he chose the name Fußbal or Foosball.

Later-on, after being a huge hit in Europe, the game was brought to the United States during mid-twenty first century by Lawrence Patterson. It took a while for the game to be popular in the United States, but by 1970s it became largely popular. Then people also started playing bundesliga in bars and then even in pool halls and became widely popular all over the United States. Slowly it is getting some popularity momentum in Asia as well as through online gaming.