Want To Have The Best Grow Tent In Your Neighborhood? Here Are Some Tips

To start with, decide where you want to place your grow tent. As we all know, due to lack of sufficient natural light and space, people choose to grow their plants inside a closed chamber which needs to be properly ventilated, and temperature has to be taken care of.

Using Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method to grow plants without the use of soil, in a water-based solution rich in nutrients.The root system is supported by an inert medium wherein the nutrients come from a specially prepared solution.  The plants grow through the supply of this nutrient solution. What is an inert medium?A medium of substances like perlite, vermiculite, gravel, sand, clay pellets,etc, which infuses root growth.

Benefits of using Hydroponics:

  • Increased and faster growth of plants
  • Maintains the ph levels, reduces waste and pollution because of less evaporation as it is enclosed.
  • Unused spaces can be effectively utilised for growing plants throughout the year.

Choosing the best hydroponic system is a task.

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Hydroponics has its share of disadvantages as well. It’s an expensive method as compared to the traditional soil method. Since it cannot store water like soil, it needs a daily supply of fresh water, the lack of which may result in the plants dying quickly.

Using proper grow lights

Choose the best available grow light and go through the Viparspectra 600w which willhelp you in making the right choice.

All the factors that are essential in setting up a grow tent has to be considered like the sturdiness of the fabric, tight zipping, strong frames and poles, properly ventilated and a reflective inside.

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